About Bike! Charlotte

The City of Charlotte Department of Transportation, Charlotte Area Transit System and Charlotte Sports Cycling are once again joining forces to host one of Charlotte's most healthy and inspiring events: 2016 BIKE! Charlotte. This event is set to start on Friday, April 29 and run through the following Sunday May 15.

BIKE! Charlotte is 17 days of bicycle-related events and promotions used to encourage families, friends and colleagues to break out the bike and integrate it into their daily routine. The theme for the thirteenth annual event is "Riding for a Better Community". Whether used for transportation or recreation, bicycles are efficient, non polluting modes of travel with great health benefits. Its an opportunity to set your life in motion both physically and mentally.

The intention of the 2016 edition of BIKE! Charlotte is to empower the citizens of Charlotte to incorporate the bicycle into their life. Whether you are pedaling to the post office, the supermarket, church, work or a park, you are "Riding for a Better Community".

The 2016 event features a diverse agenda of exciting activities and promotions for all to enjoy, many of which are free. This year's festivities will kick off Friday, May 1 with the annual Bike Rally and Ride to Breakfast in Uptown Charlotte. During the weekdays, many of the local bicycle shops are hosting bicycle maintenance clinics that address different ways to keep your bike in top shape.

Whether you are a beginner, an avid rider, or just happen to own a bike that's been hanging in the garage for a year, there is an event for you during BIKE! Charlotte. Break out the bike and head to a BIKE! Charlotte event. For more detailed information on the week of events, contact Neal Boyd at neal@s2fcharlotte.com or CDOT bicycle planner Ken Tippette at 704-336-2278.